Alpha application, under development.

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Need 2 Observations

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This is intended as an example of how a two star celestial fix works. To use it, click the "Start Capture" button at the top. This will start the camera and accelerometer data. You'll probably need to change the camera to a rear facing camera. Not all browsers support it, but clicking the "Max Zoom/Exposure" button will attempt to set your camera to its maximum zoom and exposure level to make it easier to find stars. Browser support for changing zoom and exopsure is quite limited currently, it appears Chrome on Android is your best bet. Depending on the "natural" orientation of your device, you may need to rotate it so that as you point it higher in the sky, the "ZD" (Zenith Distance) should decrease. It should be 0° overhead and 90° at the horizon.

Once you have the video and ZD going, select an object from the list, and point the crosshairs at it. Tap the "Mark" button, or the video image, which will log an observation. Do that again for a different star, and you should get a fix. Click the "Get GPS Position" to see how close you got.

Todo list: allow planets and sun observations, do some image processing to make stars stand out, software zoom, better screen layout, map to show circle of position, refine fix for more than two observations.